More than just Rice...


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An Heirloom Grain

Since 3,500 BC, West Africans have cultivated rice in coastal wetlands and mountainous flood plains. Early sailors and navigators named the area around Liberia “The Grain Coast” and made mention of the distinctive red rice that is indigenous to this area. Fabrar Liberia Inc., the country’s largest commercial rice producer, is delighted to present to the world Liberia’s own organically-grown “Super Grain”, our “Country Rice”.


FABRAR’s Ruby Red Rice

Rice in its healthiest form, with nutrients held intact in the red bran outer layer of the grain. Ruby Red Rice has a nutty flavor and requires a longer cooking time.

Fabrar Ruby Red Rice Processing Mill Liberia Fabio Lavelanet Jeanine Cooper

Ora-Gene Foods' Edina Old Style Seasoning for Rice

Liberia has long been known for using robust and flavorful blends of spices to bring life to our cuisine. Edina Old Style Spice for Rice features a perfect marriage between traditional Liberian spices and other zesty ingredients, grown at Ora-Gene Farms; inciting an explosion of flavor for the palate. This seasoning is great as an all-purpose seasoning for meat, fish and vegetables; use as a rub, in stews and soups, stir-fries or simply sprinkled over finished dishes.

Edina ols style spice for rice african seasoning liberian fabrar ora gene

Fabrar's Pearly White Rice

Fabrar produces a nutritious Pearly White Rice, also full of anti-oxidants, fat-free and rich in fiber and vitamins. Fabrar’s Pearly White Rice is carefully sourced from Liberian small-holder farmers who grow it without any chemicals or pesticides. Every bag of Pearly White Rice contributes directly to rural livelihoods and Liberian development priorities.

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FABRAR’s Perfectly Polished Rice

With some of the bran layer polished off, this rice is the most familiar to Liberian consumers who call it “Country Rice”. Most of its nutritional benefits remain with only minimal loss from polishing.

Fabar Polished Rice White Red Liberia Rice Mill Parboiled

Ora-Gene Foods' Sweet Basil

Perhaps the most popular culinary herb, sweet basil is used around the world to awaken the senses with its spicy scent and flavor. Locally grown at Ora-Gene Farms, our sweet basil is highly aromatic and can be used directly out of the pack, or easily dried for storing and future use.  It is used to flavor soups, stews, tomato dishes, meat, game, fish, egg dishes, herb butters and herb vinegars.

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